Why Passion will make you Poorer?

“Oh, Sir Tony Elumelu, I like you, I am one of your great admirers, can I take picture with you?”

“Oh, sorry, am in a hurry, you can’t because I have a plane to catch”

Do you know why? He doesn’t take pictures with strangers and he doesn’t knows you.

Get prepared to win creating your own success path faster than your contemporaries.

How it all started?

I started creating the hard path and not like many people, I didn’t start with passion.

Nothing excites me growing up. What only inspired me are things like fear of poverty (not fear of failing) because I have failed alot growing up, even in my studies after reading harder sometimes I even failed because I didn’t understand the concept of winning.

The other fears are things like old age suffering syndrome. I see people suffering and it makes me to hate sufferedness.

Many come here to read my post thinking they will get the $5,000 just attending my training (passion) while few snub passion and do the hardwork and take the hard path and they win.

I took the harder path, I applied and Nos came in drones to my applications but I embrace and play with the multiple nos till I started getting Yes, I won. And I knew I needed to do more, I expanded my scope.

I wasn’t satisfied with less, I needed to learn to earn and win more, meaning I can fail more too to win more.

My motivation is,Nigeria has nothing to offer me if I don’t get things done myself. And God gives me vision and strength to start achieving results.

Just be willing and do the hard part others won’t do. Don’t say this is a free gift, no. See it as an enabler to learn what works and what doesn’t works.

Don’t just attend my webinars or masterclasses, apply when you ought to apply. Be smarter in execution even if you are full in decision-making.

Join my Grant-Winning training this Wednesday, 2nd March, 2022 by 5-6pm WAT and learn the tricks to winning $5,000 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant and other great grants to win in 2022 to set you on a wealthy path.

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