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I took this decision 7years back myself when I was sick, tired and frustrated about complaining and getting sad of everything- no money, no job, no family support, no government support. I went all out, I mean all out to sit and learn from the practical gurus. Today, the difference is far clear; 

I took this decision 7years back myself when I was sick, tired and frustrated about complaining and getting sad of everything- no money, no job, no family support, no government support. I went all out, I mean all out to sit and learn from the practical gurus. Today, the difference is far clear; 

  • I walked away from my 40k job and meagre living.
  • I decided not to ever look for job again, investors and real business owners are now looking for me
  • I raised thousands of dollars from investors.
  • I have built and co-founded businesses that are doing well- Internet don’t lie, check them out. extramileafrica.com, www.yoollar.com, www.speakerbankole.com, www.digitax.com, www.cr8tivar.com, www.encoreafrica.com and many more…
  • I have over 40 team members and hundreds of agents working with me
  • I have traveled four continents within this period- Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America (oh, maybe five continents).

I have been featured in numerous Nigeria and international media, TV, Radio, Newspaper and online journals. Just google my name; Olalekan Bankole to see the results of learning from the right people. I took the right steps and poverty left me forever.

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I have been featured and interviewed in tens of reputable magazines, Television and Radio like business insider, Forbes, Channels, African Independent Television, TVC, and lots of high-profiled local and international online journals and blogs. My business models have

 been taught in high schools. Over 5,000 people have heard me speaking and learned from my teachings and mentoring. This excites me. I want to do more. That is why I am reaching out to you to show you how to dream big and create wealth.

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  • How to raise your first sales and marketing team that will keep making money for you non-stopping, learning the new model of branding and communication skills (you don’t want to miss this; in today economy anywhere in the world, if you don’t understand the tricks of packaging yourself or products, branding your business or CV and communication channels to sell yourself and products, you might keep struggling to hired by any serious company, to get new and more customers, investors or partners.
  • Business Development Strategies: How to start any business from scratch to raising your first $1million
  • 10 super Case-studies of startups that have raised millions of dollars from strangers and how you can be among to start your business and raise money in 2022.

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  • How to Profit Big from any Agribusiness: The future is digital economy. All players in the agripreneurship and agribusiness sector must embrace digital by coming together into an ecosystem. You will further learn and get free access my e-materials on;
  • Making millions every 30days just growing vegetables in sacs
  • Simple irrigation farming system that will give you millions in turnover
  • 5 best profitable crops to grow in 2022 and how to start even if you don’t have land or money to start
  • 10 agro-commodities to buy at a very cheap price and hold for 2-3months and sell to get 50-200x profit
  • From Farm to Export: My export experience for beginners will show you practical steps to start exporting in 2022. Your opportunity to start earning in dollars.


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About Speaker Bankole;

Bankole Olalekan, popularly known as Speaker Bankole is a private investor, advisor, mentor and speaker specializing in early stage and rapid growth businesses. He advises both entrepreneurs and investors and speaks on the subject of investment at various public and professional events. Speaker Bankole early career was in the Agribusiness industry and expanded into technology, financial, investment, tax and exportation. Today, he co-founded and chair various startups; 

www.agromerchant.com. www.extramileafrica.com, www.encoreafrica.com, www.cr8tivar.com, www.digitax.com, www.hotlines.com, and many other offline portfolios housed by Extrafin Advisory Technologies, Agromarketplace Nigeria Limited, Bankool Farms etc. He blogs, writes, teaches others at www.speakerbankole.com.ng. today, Speaker Bankole is one of the youngest Africans revolutionizing Africa in the tech ecosystem, financial and agribusiness space. He is a serial entrepreneur with core interest in leadership, governance, youth empowerment and community development. His goal is to be a pacesetter to young people in Africa and targets, empowering millions of people in Africa through www.extramileafrica.com, a fintech and financial inclusion platform he co-founded with other visionaries.  He shared his vision and leadership thought leveraging books, YouTube channel, podcast, businesses, speaking engagements and teachings across the globe, spanning four continents.

Bankole Olalekan, is a PhD candidate of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology and an alumnus of Tony Elumelu Foundation, Lagos business school, FATE foundation, CcHub, and many other platforms. His learnings are in communications, Agribusiness, technology, Innovations, Social entrepreneurship, Community development, International Relations and Foreign Investments. He is a lover of God.

He is a social entrepreneur, astute researcher and PhD student of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology with over 9years experience and unmatched knowledge in agribusiness and technology integration, Africa-socioeconomic policies, entrepreneurship and leadership, and fellow of Africa Managers Initiative. He leverages on Agribusiness and technology to solving hunger, youth unemployment and poverty menace in Africa. He is a company Director of United Multi-Agro Export Limited, building Agromarketplace Nigeria Limited with three subsidiaries; www.agromerchant.com, AgroHub-Initiatives and Agro-Enterprise Hub. This hub has trained 12,000 youths and rural women in agribusiness opportunities in 3years. I am convinced that integrating agribusiness, knowledge, skills, creativity with ICT is the future and panacea to massive unemployment ravaging Africa.

I will see you at the online training platform when you make payment. Thank you for taking this route to make your life easier in 2022 and beyond…

Date: 10th, 11th and 12th December, 2022

Time: 3-4.30pm daily

Venue: Zoom. You will get Instant access after Registration and Payment.

Thank you,

Speaker Bankole